Hydroponic Pumps – Finding The Perfect Hydroponic Pump

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Hydroponic Pumps

Hydroponic pumps for a hydroponic garden. You can grow almost anything in hydroponic gardens. The concern of many people though is: what pump is equipped for the job? Is the pump submersible? Is it quiet? How does the pump work? Will the hydroponic pump last?

We are here today to answer your questions. First of all, what pump could fulfill your needs?

The B1 Circulating Pump

This pump is

  • Submersible
  • Food Grade
  • The pump can run directly from PV/ Solar Panels

The pump is designed to be quiet, compact and lightweight. To many people the fact that the pump is quiet is very important, as it will be running often. The pump only weighs .44 lbs.. That’s only half a pound! Its’ compact design, quiet and powerful brushless motor make it ideally suited for heavy duty work load. It can do the job for a vertical hydroponic garden. This pump is submersible, meaning you can put it under water and leave it there to do its’ work.

Second, how does this hydroponic pump work?

The magnetically driven rotor/impeller spins on a single ceramic bearing, thus extending the life of this pump beyond existing standards.

Last of all, how long will it last me?

The high efficient ECM brushless DC motor can sustain a continues 24-hour workload with life expectancy of well over 20000 hours. How great is that?

Finding the perfect pump is not as hard as you may think. Our team here at US Solar Pumps are here to help you find any pump, even hydroponic pumps!

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