CPU Liquid Cooling Pump


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  • 12 Volt – 6 Watt – 0.5 Amps
  • Max Flow Rate – 1.58 GPM / 6 LPM
  • Max Head – 2.7 F / 0.8 M
  • Barbed Fittings


  • 12 Volt – 6 Watt – 0.5 Amps
  • Max Flow Rate – 1.58 GPM / 6 LPM
  • Max Head – 2.7 F / 0.8 M
  • Threaded Fittings
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  • Max Temperature – 185 F / 85C
  • Static PSI – 58.0 / 4 Bar
  • Fittings – Barbed / Threaded
  • Inlet / Outlet – 10.5mm
  • 3 pin motherboard connector
  • 3rd pin for RPM monitoring


As the computer industry continues to accelerate its pace towards implementing liquid cooling solutions, pumps have become a pivotal concern for the adoption of such systems in mission critical machines. Small size, low or no maintenance, similar to that afforded by fans, and extended reliability are prerequisites for the successful transition from air to liquid cooling systems.

The TDC is the qualified pump to be used in mass produced water-cooled workstations, and presents an ideal solution for liquid cooling of processors and electronic components.


The pump continues to work quietly throughout its entire service life. The bearing is self-realigning. It is lubricated directly by the fluid being pumped (wet rotor design).

This means that the pump is maintenance free. Since the rotor is always magnetically held in the designated position, small particles of dirt do not present a problem. Under normal conditions, it is impossible for the rotor to become locked. Reliable start is also ensured even after long periods of shut down. The permanent magnet rotor/impeller unit is driven by the magnetic field generated by the surrounding stator. The stator is wrapped entirely around the rotor. As a result, the entire pump is only slightly taller than the rotor itself, measuring only 1.4 inch height, perfect for applications where space is limited. Supply voltage variation provides a simple means of controlling the speed of the TD pump over a large output range. All parts in contact with the medium are 100% corrosion resistant. With an optional tachometer output, it is possible to monitor the speed of the pump directly.


  • It’s compact design, quiet and powerful brushless motor make it ideally suited for heavy duty cooling in environments where space is at a premium
  • High efficient ECM brushless DC motor can sustain a continues 24-hour workload with life expectancy of well over 50000 hours.
  • High density ceramic bearing and graphite impeller bearing sleeve designed for high efficiency and long life
  • Highly efficient and dynamically balanced impeller with carbon bearing sleeve for smooth ultra-quiet operation
  • Such reliability is afforded by the unique design of this pump, which contains only one moving part: the magnetically driven rotor/impeller spins on a single ceramic bearing, thus extending the life of this pump beyond existing standards
  • Advanced magnetic drive technology for static-seal, without any leakage for ever
  • The pump is completely plug-and-play, and connects directly to any computer power-supply through standard power connectors

Areas of Use:

  • CPU Pump
  • Laser Cooling
  • Electronics Cooling
  • Medical Water Circulation
  • Chiller Systems Liquid Transfer
  • Computer Liquid Cooling Pump

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