Replacement Pump For Oasis & Aqua Hot – The C1-E Circulating Pump

C1-E Circulating Pump
Attention Oasis & Aqua Hot hot water system owners!

Has your Oasis OEM pump failed? Do you need a dependable option as a replacement pump?

Then the C1E 12V 19L Circulating Pump is what you are looking for.

The C1-E Circulating Pump

With a life expectancy of 20,000+ hours, it is maintenance free and can sustain a 24-hour workload with no problem. Having only one moving part, the magnetically driven rotor-impeller, makes the pump maintenance free and the perfect replacement pump.

Like our other pumps, the C1E has shown a strong performance with smooth and steady flow. The high temperature rating of 170 F makes it just right for your high temperature needs.

Weighing about a pound they are east to install. Their seal-less design helps prevent any leaking and it can pump almost any liquid with the same viscosity to water.

On the left: C1-E Circulating Pump On the right: Oasis OEM Pump

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