RV Water Pumps: A Replacement for the Oasis system

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C1-E Circulating Pump

Are you looking for an affordable RV water pump for your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ITR? One of our customers wrote a well explained post about replacing his OEM pumps. He has an Oasis system and replaced the pumps with our circulating pumps. Check out his post here.

In our customer’s post, he shows how he replaced his zone one, zone two and his summer loop pumps with US Solar Pump’s C1-E Circulating Pump.

Left to right: C1-E Circulating Pump, zone one pump, and summer loop pump

The only drawback of the C1-E for Oasis owners is the fact that the pump is only a “direct” replacement for the summer loop pump. The zone one and two pumps have the outflow connector on the opposite side of the pump as seen in the picture above. To use the C1-E as a replacement for the zone one or zone two pump, you would have to alter the hoses a bit to get it well connected. You may possibly need some more hose to connect the pump. Remember that before you make any repairs or changes to your setup, make sure that all power has been disconnected or switched off.

The Benefits:

One benefit of buying the C1-E Circulating Pump is that it costs 1/3 of what the ITR generally costs. Also, you can replace them easily enough by yourself, without having to take your RV in to be serviced.

Specifications of the C1-E Circulating Pump:

  • Inlet and outlet – 1/2″ x 1/2″
  • 12 Volts – 34 Watts – 2.8 Amps
  • Max Flow Rate – 5 GPM / 20 LPM
  • Max Temperature – 170 F / 76 C
  • Three-phase brushless DC motor
  • Life expectancy of over 20,000 hours
  • Protection from stuck impellers, over-voltage, overload and overcurrent
  • Quiet operation
C1-E Circulating Pump
C1-E Circulating Pump

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