Home Aquarium Pumps – How to Find The Perfect Pump?

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What should you consider?

If you are aspiring to be an aquatic hobbyist, looking for home aquarium pumps, there are a few things to consider before heading to the pet store.

The pump you choose for your fish tank needs to be compatible with the kind of filter you have.

What kind of filter you pick is dependent on what kind of fish you want to populate your home aquarium with.

Fish can be sensitive to the flow rate of the water circulating in the fish tank, so find out what flow rate your fish prefer.

If you fancy tropical fish, make sure the pump is saltwater-compatible.

*US Solar Pumps does not currently carry pumps that function in saltwater.

Furthermore, you will need to decide if you want an external pump or a submersible pump. For example, a submersible pump is usually quieter.

TIP : In order to save on power usage, pick a pump for your home aquarium that is sufficient for the job, yet with the lowest wattage.

B3 Pump

Mike’s choice: The B3 Circulating Pump 

The B3 Circulating Pump is:

  • Submersible
  • Saltwater or freshwater compatible
  • Can run directly from PV/Solar Panels

Why is the B3 Circulating Pump well-equipped for a home aquarium?

First of all, since the B3 circulating pump is submersible, it is much quieter than an external pump. You can maintain a peaceful living environment without the noise pollution that older setups tend to produce.

The B3 functions well for keeping your freshwater fish happy and healthy.

And like all our pumps, the B3 Circulating Pump can be run directly from solar panels.

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