A Worthy Replacement For The El SID

D5 Solar Hot Water Pump

The El SID was well-known for being a durable, reliable and effective pump. Recently though, it has dropped off the market and many people are wondering what pump could be a good replacement. The D5 Solar Hot Water Pump Our D5 Solar Hot Water Pump is an excellent choice for a replacement. It is very similar to the El SID … Read More

Answering Questions About Our Solar 12V Pumps

S5 15 PV Solar Hot Water Pump

Many people have questions about 12V solar pumps and if they will work with the setup they have. Here are a few answers to common questions: Are the solar 12V pumps self-priming? No, circulating pumps are not self-priming. When a pump turns off in a drain-back system all the water runs downhill back into the holding tank. If the pump … Read More

Solar Panel and Pump Problems: A Simple Solution

Paul’s solar panel and pump problems started when he ordered a B10-A Circulating Pump. Before he connected the pump to his PV panel, the solar panel was outputting the proper voltage. When he connected the B10-A with the regulator, the PV output dropped to zero. Thinking the problem was the pump, he sent it back to US Solar Pumps. Mike … Read More

PWM Speed Controller for a Brushless DC Water Pump

PWM Speed Controller

Is is possible to control the speed of a Solar Water Pump? YES, we can customize our pumps to work with a 0-5V or PWM speed controller.  What is a PWM Speed Controller? PWM stands for Pulse With Modulation. One simple and easy way to control the speed of a motor is to regulate the of voltage across its terminals or regulate the voltage to the … Read More

Solar Pumps for Ponds

An Eco-friendly Solution for a Healthy Pond Today we are going to consider 2 scenarios when to use solar pumps for ponds: Scenario 1An existing pond becomes unbalanced, resulting in:  – algae buildup or algae bloom – fish death – stagnant, foul-smelling water, or – a breeding ground for mosquitos. Scenario 2You want to build your own pond without a natural-fed … Read More

Home Aquarium Pumps – How to Find The Perfect Pump?

B3 Pump

What should you consider? If you are aspiring to be an aquatic hobbyist, looking for home aquarium pumps, there are a few things to consider before heading to the pet store. The pump you choose for your fish tank needs to be compatible with the kind of filter you have. What kind of filter you pick is dependent on what … Read More

D5 Solar Hot Water Pump Losing Pressure, Drain Back System

Why is my D5 Solar Hot Water Pump Losing Pressure? Paul had a problem with his D5 solar hot water pump losing pressure, or so he thought at first. Here’s what happened… Here’s the Issue… Paul (Customer) writes: I am using the D5 solar hot water pump on a solar heated hot tub. It worked perfectly last winter and I … Read More

An Ideal Hydroponic Pump – The B3 Circulating Pump

Hydroponic Pumps Hydroponic gardens have become more and more popular as a healthy alternative to store-bought produce. However, the concern of many people is, What pump is equipped for the job? Will my hydroponic pump last? One of our popular pumps that could be used in hydroponics is the B3 Circulating Pump. This is a submersible pump. Mike’s Choice: The B3 Circulating Pump This … Read More

What Kind of Pump Do You Need to Brew Your Own Beer, eh?

Are you looking at pumps for beer brewing? At US Solar Pumps we offer a variety of pumps, all dependable and energy efficient. Mike’s Choice – What pumps for beer brewing do we recommend? The D5 Solar Hot Water Pump is a strong little pump. The pumps’ temperature range is 230 F / 110 C. Normal fermentation of beer is between … Read More