TOPSFLO Micro DC Pump Quality

US Solar Pumps is the Topsflo US distributor. In addition Topsflo manufactures the world’s leading brand of Micro DC pumps and Solar Water Pumps.

In the first place raw materials of superior quality make Topsflo Micro DC Pumps lightweight yet durable. Second production areas operate within a medical standard of ISO 9001 and a clean-room standard of ISO class 7.

Second, our pumps pass through a rigorous testing procedure before being sold. Therefore each buyer comes home with a high quality product.

S5 Micro DC Pump

TOPSFLO Micro DC Pump Specifications

Because US Solar Pumps is the Topsflo US distributor, we provide precise information that industrial buyers need in order to identify which pump meets their needs.

In addition, our performance specifications such as flow rate and head capacity, design and size requirements, and environmental operating conditions are listed on our website for each pump.

Moreover Mike Kehoe, as the Topsflo US distributor and expert, is available to answer or troubleshoot any additional questions your company may have.

Volume Discounts are available for bulk orders.

Topsflow US Distributor - We Ship Worldwide

Topsflo US Distributor – We Ship WORLDWIDE!

TOPSFLO Micro DC Pump Advantages

The brushless motors in many micro DC pumps use devices to sense rotor position and electronics that control the speed. Therefore, brushless, in contrast with brushed, technology: 

  • is a more efficient
  • requires less maintenance
  • generates less noise
  • has a higher power density and speed range

TOPSFLO Industrial Applications and Buyers

US Solar Pumps and Topsflo sell and ship to more than 85 countries and regions worldwide. Moreover our customers include such well-known companies such as Budweiser, Whirlpool, Bosch, InBev, Toro, Tesla and many others. Their annual production capacity is 1.5 million pieces. Industrial applications of Topsflo Micro DC pumps, according to type:

Topsflo Circulating Pumps for Industrial Use

  • Gas mixing
  • Coffee makers
  • Juice machines
  • Wine dispensers
  • Syrup dispensing
  • Water dispensers
  • Baking equipment
  • Drink dispensing
  • Vending machines
  • Nitrogen generation
  • Ice cream dispensing
  • Packaging equipment
  • Hand sanitizing stations
  • Soda beverage fountains
  • Food preservation containers
  • Hydroponics
  • Chiller systems
  • Water fountains
  • Fisheries
  • Hot water circulation
  • Electronics cooling water circulation
  • Instant electric water heaters and showers
  • Circulating systems for homes, RV’s and boats
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Electric car radiators and heaters
  • Computer CPU cooling circulation
  • Automotive air conditioning
  • Water heating mattresses

Topsflo Automotive Micro DC circulating pumps for Industrial Use

  • Packing heaters
  • Modified motorcycles
  • Pool filtration
  • Engine cooling systems
  • Heating circulation for car engines
  • Cooling circulation for car engines
  • Antifreeze circulation
  • Electric vehicle water circulation
  • Boats
  • Jet skis
  • Quads
  • RTVs
  • RVs

Topsflo Solar Hot Water Circulating Pumps for Industrial Use

  • Beer Brewing
  • Liquid Transfer
  • Solar water heater
  • Hot Water Circulation
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Air energy water heater
  • Portable power supplies
  • Hot pump air conditioner

Topsflo Gas/Liquid Vacuum Pumps for Industrial Use

  • Wide Format Graphics and Industrial Printer
  • Inkjet Digital Printing Machines for Textile industry
  • Labelling machine printer
  • CIJ small character printer
  • Coding system
  • Barcode printer

Topsflo Gear Pumps for Industrial Use

  • Printing
  • Cleaning
  • Packaging
  • Fine chemicals
  • Food processing
  • Water treatment
  • Food processing
  • Medical machinery
  • Filling machines
  • Pictorial machines
  • Barcode machines
  • Hemodialysis machines
  • Spray painting
  • Sanitary ware
  • Wine dispensers
  • Drinking fountains
  • Beverage dispensing
  • Ice-making machines
  • Coffee making machines
  • Vacuum cleaners

HOME USE of Micro DC Pumps

TOPSFLO Micro DC Pump Quality

Homeowners can buy Micro DC Pumps directly from the Topsflo US Distributor, US Solar Pumps here in the USA. With this in mind you don’t have to wonder about shipping problems or a long wait for your product. Additionally Mike Kehoe is available to answer questions and provide troubleshooting and installation advice. Not to mention that many people are looking for a replacement for pumps that are no longer available. In this case Mike knows which ones will work for your project.

TOPSFLO Micro DC Pump Specifications

Another key point is that the US Solar Pumps website is very user-friendly. As a result buyers can review pump descriptions and specifications in order to choose the right model for the job. Additionally pdf articles are available to download which provide more information such as the maximum flow rate and maximum water head that each pump can handle. As has been noted if additional help is needed, Mike is available to offer personal assistance. 

TOPSFLO Micro DC Pump Advantages

Another key point is that Topsflo Micro DC pumps can be hooked directly to a PV panel. Circulating pumps can be connected to a solar panel out in the yard to provide enough power to aerate a small pond.

Furthermore there is an advantage to the soft start-up feature of the D5 and S5 Solar Hot Water Pumps. And this feature minimizes cycling from unsuccessful attempts to connect. In other words this means when the sun hits the solar panel, the pump starts running with the smallest amount of current (less than 2 watts) and subsequently pushes the heated water to the storage tank. As a result this simple system eliminates the need for controllers, thermostats and sensors.

Finally brushless motor technology is maintenance free, quiet, and long lasting. 

Home and Small Business Applications

Solar hot water systems

More and more homeowners and small business owners are using alternative power sources to get off-grid or to offset utility bills. Moreover, solar power is not only environmentally friendly but is a wise financial investment. since nonrenewable energy sources are dwindling, utility bills are inevitably going to rise over time. Just integrating a solar hot water heater system in your home can generate substantial savings.

Why not try one of our Topsflo Solar Water Pumps from US Solar Pumps, such as the S5 solar DC pump. You’ll find them perfect for a family home thermal solar system.

Solar Powered fountains, waterfalls, and ponds

Why not create a refuge in your backyard by building your own waterfall or fountain? The Topsflo C1B Circulating pump can be connected directly to a PV panel. Also once installed, it can run safely on its own for years with no pump maintenance. For example, the C1A Circulating Pump can also be used for projects involving larger volumes of water, such as aerating a small pond.

C-1 Circulating Pump

Home Brewing

Experimenting with home brewing? A good brewing pump is a necessity in many kinds of home brewing systems. To say nothing of a pump can be used to transfer beer between kettles, recirculate the mash, or pass the wort through a counterflow chiller into the fermenter. The D5 is a sleek and quiet unit that will add to the beauty of any setup. Moreover, this Topsflo product is also food grade ready, which means that the quality of your brew will not be affected by contact with the pump.

Home Brewing Setup
Home Brewing Setup


Thinking about growing healthy food for the family, pesticide-free? Hydroponic farming can produce plants faster and with approximately 90% less water than traditional gardening. A beginner can start a DWC (Deep Water Culture) hydroponic system with just a 20-gallon aquarium tank or plastic tote, some seedlings, styrofoam with holes, and a circulating pump. In this case for this beginner setup, we recommend Topsflo’s US Distributor, US Solar Pumps, and look for the B-1 Circulating Pump.

Topsflo US Distributor, Topsflo Micro DC Pumps, Topsflo Solar Water Pumps
Hydroponic Garden

Topsflo Certificates of Compliance

Finally here are some of the most important certifications that Topsflo holds.

Topsflo Micros DC pumps and Topsflo Solar Water Pumps - RoHS Certifcate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Topsflo Micros DC pumps and Topsflo Solar Water Pumps - SVHC Certificate
SVHC Certificate
Topsflo Micros DC pumps and Topsflo Solar Water Pumps - ATC Certificate of Compliance
ATC Certificate of Compliance