Hydroponic Pumps – Finding The Perfect Hydroponic Pump

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Hydroponic Pumps Hydroponic pumps for a hydroponic garden. You can grow almost anything in hydroponic gardens. The concern of many people though is: what pump is equipped for the job? Is the pump submersible? Is it quiet? How does the pump work? Will the hydroponic pump last? We are here today to answer your questions. First of all, what pump … Read More

What Kind of Pump Do You Need to Brew Your Own Beer, eh?

pumps for beer brewing

Are you looking at pumps for beer brewing? We offer a variety of pumps, all dependable and energy efficient. Not only are they good pumps for beer brewing but they can also be used for solar water heating, as a hot water circulator, or a hot pump air conditioner. What pumps for beer brewing do we recommend? The D5 Solar Hot … Read More

Introducing US Solar Pumps’ Blog: Mike’s Corner!

“Mike’s Corner” Welcome to our blog! We are so excited to bring this blog to you.  We can’t wait to start sharing interesting pumps facts and news about solar pumps, our hot water pump, and Micro-DC pumps. The launch of our blog also coincides with the recent update of our website. We are proud the share with you the new … Read More