Great Solar Panels for Water Pumps

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solar panels for water pumps

Are you looking for the proper solar panel to sync up with one of our water pumps? While we sell 12V & 24V solar Pumps, our 12V solar pumps are by far the bigger seller. However, one of the problems that raises is that most of the solar panels on the market are not 12V.

While it is true that our solar pumps can handle the slow rush in of current, as the sun rises. And can handle voltages more than their rated voltages. Most of the solar panels on the market have voltage ranges that, when peaked, are higher than preferred for a 12V pump.

Solar Panels for Water Pumps

It is for this reason that US Solar Pumps’ now carry two different size 12V solar panels for our customers convenience: the 10 Watt and the 20 Watt.

Our 12V 10-Watt Solar panel is perfect for the solar hot water systems that only require one of our low flow rated S5, 5PV or 10PV pumps.

10-Watt 12V Solar Panel- solar panels for water pumps

When a slightly higher flow rate is needed than one of our 12V 20-Watt solar panel fits well with our S5 15PV pump.

12V 20-Watt Solar Panel dimensions - solar panels for water pumps

In either case, there is also enough current available to operate one of our CWX electronic ball valves. The CWX electronic ball valve helps prevent thermal cycling at night.

When using one of our larger pumps, say our D5 or our C1 (both of which can also run directly off a solar panel) utilizing one 10-Watt and one 20-Watt or in some cases two 20-Watt panels are normally more than adequate to do the trick.

Combining our solar panels for water pumps make for a simple system that eliminates the need for a control box that will allow the use of thermostats.

However, for those customers who have a configuration that requires a control box to regulate their system by zones using thermostats, we have them as well.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help!

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