Great Heat Pumps for Electric Vehicles

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Heat Pump for Electric Vehicles

Technology is advancing day by day and car manufacturers are trying their best to keep up with the changes. One advancement coming to the fore are electric vehicles. These vehicles in general run on batteries instead of fuel.

There’s a saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” and true to that, heat pumps allow the owner of the car to save money on heating and cooling.

Heat pumps take warm air or liquid and compress it. As the compressed air circulates, it becomes a heat source. Basically, a heat pump does what your refrigerator does but in reverse.

US Solar Pumps Heat Pumps for Electric Vehicles

Our A5 and A6 Automotive Pumps are excellent choices for the owner of an electric car. The pumps are made with a brushless DC motor. They have a long lifetime expectancy. They can sustain a 24-hour workload and can withstand extremes in temperature, which makes them suitable for outdoor environments. These heat pumps for your electric vehicle are equipped with special connectors for cars.

A5 Automotive Pump
A5 Automotive Pump

Another advantage of our heat pumps is the fact that it uses very little power. That is one of the most important details when looking for a heat pump for your electric vehicle.

The A5 Automotive Pump can pump up to 25 LPM and the A6 can pump up to 37 LPM. Take a look at the specifications on the PDF here.

A6 Automotive Pump - A6 5V PWM Automotive Pump - heat pumps for electric vehicles
A6 Automotive Pump

If you have any questions or doubts about our heat pumps for electric vehicles, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help you find the pump you need.

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