Solar 12V Pumps: Answering Common Questions

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S5 15 PV Solar Hot Water Pump - solar 12V pumps

Many people have questions about 12V solar pumps and if they will work with the setup they have. Here are a few answers to common questions:

S5 15 PV Solar Hot Water Pump - solar 12V pumps

Are the solar 12V pumps self-priming?

No, circulating pumps are not self-priming.

When a pump turns off in a drain-back system all the water runs downhill back into the holding tank. If the pump is above the holding tank that it drains out of the pump/pumps are not self-priming. So, for example, if you ran a line out of the top of a holding tank, down the side of the tank below the water level and ran it uphill, then the system could still drain back into the tank. The pump itself would then stay primed.

In conclusion, if you hook up the system well, the water will drain back into the container with no problems, without boiling hot water bubbles, freezing or no remaining water in the pipes.

Can solar 12V pumps run continuously?

Yes, our circulating pumps can sustain a 24-hour workload. A solar hot water system will most likely run 10 hours on a sunny summer day.

What if I need a higher head value?

Our C1 Series Circulating Pumps would be an excellent option. The C1 Series do require more wattage but they have better head, from 8-11 meters. They have barbed fittings and can be run directly from a PV panel. They are lightweight, compact and can sustain a continuous workload without a problem.

How much heat can solar 12V pumps withstand?

The pumps are built with a leak-proof static seal and are designed for high temperature endurance. It can withstand from 75-100 Celsius or 167-212 Fahrenheit.

Say I have a PV panel that is 100 Watt/12PV, could I connect two pumps directly to it?

The pumps will only draw the wattage they need, so it doesn’t matter whether you have one solar panel or two.
The issue is the voltage. The D5 Solar Hot Water Pump is designed to handle from 6 to 24 volts. The S5 Solar Hot Water Pump is a 12V pump. It can handle the variations in voltage that a solar panel can produce which is within the range a 12V PV panel produces.

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