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About US Solar Pumps

Thank you for visiting our store at US Solar Pumps.

Firstly, you can easily find your ideal Solar Water Pump for any project in our extensive catalog.  Secondly, as part of our catalog you will find the best selection of high quality Micro DC Pumps in the USA. We are the TopsFlo US Distributor.

For example we stock Submersible Pumps, Gear Pumps, Liquid Vacuum Pumps, Circulating Pumps. Additionally, each product description includes technical specifications for the different options available. For instance, some solar water pumps include a link to a 3D STP file.

Lastly, perhaps you’re looking for a specific micro DC pump accessory, which you can find here as well.

We also offer BULK discounts!

If you are interested in larger solar water pump orders and need to talk about specific shipping arrangements [lease don’t hesitate to contact us.

At US Solar Pumps we deliver WORLDWIDE!

We Ship Worldwide - Solar Water Pumps

We provide GREAT customer service that you can understand!

If you have any technical questions, troubleshooting or installation problems about solar hot water pumps, “Ask Mike” and he will troubleshoot your issue or help you find the right pump.

We look forward to developing a long term strategic partnership and providing all your pump needs!

Start shopping above or click here to see our PDF of Our Complete Catalog.

Mike Kehoe
Owner US Solar Pumps