30B Series Vacuum Pump – Liquid Diaphragm


Available Options:

TF30B-A 12V 0.35L
  • 12 Volt –0.4 / 0.24 / 0.15 Amps
  • Max Flow Rate – 0.09 GPM / 0.35 LPM
  • Maximum Vacuum – Kpa -65
TF30B-D 24V 0.35L
  • 24 Volt –0.4 / 0.24 / 0.15 Amps
  • Max Flow Rate – 0.09 GPM / 0.35 LPM
  • Maximum Vacuum – Kpa -65
TF30B-H 12V 0.35L
  • 12 Volt –0.4 / 0.24 / 0.15 Amps
  • Max Flow Rate – 0.09 GPM / 0.35 LPM
  • Maximum Vacuum – Kpa -65
TFS 30B-H 12V 0.5L
  • 12 Volt –0.4 / 0.24 / 0.15 Amps
  • Max Flow Rate – 0.13 GPM / 0.5 LPM
  • Maximum Vacuum – Kpa -65
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Download PDF for additional information about the 30B Series Diaphragm Liquid Vacuum Pump

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Advantages of the 30B Series Vacuum Pump:

1. Less Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference can cause significant problems, but you don’t have to worry about it with US Solar Pumps’ Liquid Pumps. Our pumps come equipped with anti-electromagnetic interference capacitors, which means that the 30B Series Vacuum Pump will cause minimal interference to your facility.

2. Lower Temperature

Do you have concerns about your pump overheating during operation? You can rest assured that our liquid pump is designed with advanced technology that ensures it won’t generate excessive heat while running. This is particularly true for our exterior models, which have been specifically designed to prevent overheating.

3. Pump Materials Compatible with Various Types of Ink

The liquid pump is made with the use of chemically resistant materials such as PTFE(TFM) and EPDM.  Furthermore, this allows almost all neutral or corrosive inks to be pumped.     

Features of the 30B Series Vacuum Pump:

  • Impressive Corrosion Resistance: Resistant to sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and methanol, making it highly durable.

  • Self-Priming Capability: Can prime itself without needing manual intervention.

  • Continuous Dry Running: Can run even when there’s no liquid in the pump, which ensures consistent operation.

  • Compact Design: With its small size, this pump can fit in tight spaces.

  • Versatile Installation: Can be installed in any position for added flexibility.

  • Low Vibration and Noise: Runs quietly with minimal vibrations, making it suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments.

  • Maintenance-Free: Requires no lubrication or maintenance, which translates to cost savings and hassle-free operation.

  • Long Lifespan: Has a long operational life, which maximizes your investment.

  • High Efficiency: Operates at high efficiency, which helps to conserve energy and reduce operating costs.

  • Closed Diaphragm Surface: Features a closed diaphragm surface that prevents leaks and ensures safe operation.

  • Special Sealing System: Equipped with a sealing system that enhances its durability and longevity.

Areas of Use of the Liquid Pump:

  • Wide Format Graphics and Industrial Printer
  • Inkjet Digital Printing Machines for Textile industry
  • Labelling machine printer
  • CIJ small character printer
  • Coding system
  • Barcode printer etc.

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