El SID Replacement Pump – Customer Review

Mike KehoeReviews, Circulating Pumps

Replacement pump for El SID

Hi Mike,

Just a note to say the D5 pump as my El SID replacement pump arrived fine although here was some confusion with customs. They wanted more details of the purchase and costs. I sent the account that you sent via email and it all went through fine.

D5 Solar Hot Water Pump TD5 Front
D5 Solar Hot Water Pump as a replacement for the El SID

It took me a while to get it installed but I had it going on July 29th and it’s been going daily since. It’s just great. I was a bit nervous that it may have the problem that the El SID pump had in that it sometimes it did not switch on properly. I never even thought of that with this one. I’ve often switched it on in the night when it’s not going to try to simulate the possible fault with this one. But, it starts up every time.

I’m very pleased with the purchase. It also seems to pump stronger which is an advantage if there happens to be any bubbles in the system, although I don’t think that was happening before.

Many thanks,


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