A Great Replacement For The March Pump

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D5 top shot

Are you looking for a replacement for the March Pump?

We have just the pump for you. Our D5 24V Solar Hot Water Pump is an excellent replacement for the 809-BR 12V & 24V Mag Drive Pump. The D5 runs directly from PV panels and is made with food grade materials.

D5 Solar Hot Water Pump
D5 Solar Hot Water Pump

Specifications of the D5 24V Pump:

  • Max Flow Rate: 6.8 GPM / 25 LPM
  • Max Head – 16.4 F / 5 M
  • Maximum Pressure – 110 PSI / 10 Bar
  • Max Temperature – 212 F / 110 C
  • Inlet / Outlet – 1/2” x 1/2”

It is built with overload, over voltage and dry running protection. The D5 has a soft start-up, which reduces high in-rush current, which could damage the pump.

D5 Solar Hot Water Pump TD5 Front
US Solar Pump’s D5 Hot Water Pump

With the D5 Solar Hot Water Pump you can brew beer, circulate hot water, install Radiant Floor Heating and use it in Portable Power Supplies. It is an excellent option as a March replacement pump.

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