Excellent Replacement Mimaki UV Printer Pump

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Replacement Mimaki UV Printer Pump

Has your Mimaki printer stopped working? There are quite a few reasons why a printer stops working. Sometimes the printer stops working due to pump failure. Here at US Solar Pumps we offer a replacement Mimaki UV Printer Pump.

Replacement Water Pump for Chili Cubes

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replacement water pump for chili cubes

Sleeping well seems to be something many people struggle with. Finding the perfect temperature, a dark enough space, a calm environment; it can be difficult. Quite a few people have invested in the Chili Cube, or as it is now known as, the Cube Sleep System. On occasion owners may need to change the pump inside of the Cube. Here at US Solar Pumps we offer a replacement water pump for Chili Cubes.

New Ball Valve for Thermo-syphoning

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CWX Electronic Ball Valve

Many people that use hot water systems have to deal with thermo-syphoning. When the sun goes down, the warm water in the house rises to the top of the solar connectors, which causes the cold water to collect back down in the house. If this is something that happens to you, the CWX Electronic Ball Valve is the perfect solution.