Introducing US Solar Pumps’ Blog: Pumps 24×7!

“Pumps 24×7”

Welcome to our new blog! We are so excited to bring this blog to you and start sharing interesting pumps facts and news. The launch of our blog also coincides with the recent update of our website. We are proud the share with you the new and improved online store for all your pump needs. You can check it out here

First off, what is US Solar Pumps?

US Solar Pumps is the home a wide variety of micro-DC pumps. We have seen a large increase in interest in solar powered and direct current pumps. Because of this need, we created an online shop were customers can find exactly the type of pump he/she needs for any project or job they have.  We offer worldwide shipping as well as 100% customer satisfaction! Read more about US Solar Pumps on the About Us page.

What can you look forward to in our US Solar Pumps’ blog?

The purpose of this blog is to increase knowledge about micro-DC pump and the many uses they have. To accomplish this we will discuss many of the pumps available on our site and how each works. Also, we will be sharing interesting in action chronicles of our pumps. Keep an eye out for our special posts about upcoming or on sale items. We hope you enjoy this blog and that it can inspire you to do more pump projects!

Ways to keep up to date with US Solar Pumps:

Keep up to date with US Solar Pumps on social media too. Give us a follow on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or our brand new Youtube Channel! Then you’ll never miss a new blog post or update! If you have any questions feel free in to get in touch with us here.

Thanks for being part of our blog. We’re very excited have you here!
US Solar Pumps’ Blog Team