200 Series Magnetic Drive Step Motor w Controller


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Available Options:

Max Flow scope (ml/Min)

  • 0~100 ml/Min
  • 0~200 ml/Min
  • 5~300 ml/Min


~ Download PDF for additional information about the 200 Series Magnetic Drive Step Motor with Controller

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These are the specifications of the 200 Series Magnetic Drive Step Motor w Controller:

  • Power 60W
  • Voltage DC24
  • Inlet/Outlet Diameter G1/4″
  • ml/rpm: 0.27, 0.65, 0.75 (reference 3000RPM)
  • Max Head Pressure: 2 Bar
  • Max Flow scope: 0~100, 0~200, 5~300 ml/Min
  • Valve options: N/A
  • Gear Material: PEEK gear


This pump is produced with a MG200 series pump head. The 200 Series Motor is driven with a Step Motor.

The 200 Series Motor contains the manual adjustment functions of: flow adjustment, pause, forward or reverse running. 

Features of the 200 Series Magnetic Drive Step Motor w Controller:

  • Altitude: ≤ 2500 M
  • Humidity environment: ≤ 85%
  • Fluid viscosity: 1000 ~ 6000 CPS
  • Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 50 °C
  • Fluid temperature: -10 °C ≤ T ≤ 100 °C (except for the freezing)
  • Apply the media of: acid and alkali, salt, organic solvents, oils
  • Lifetime 1500~2000 hours
  • Can be run continuously

Areas of Use:

Here are a few areas of use for the 200 Series Motor:

  • Printing
  • Cleaning
  • Packaging
  • Fine chemicals
  • Water treatment
  • Food processing
  • Medical machinery

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